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Do you need a business deal in Derbyshire?

George Herbert Strutt (1854-1928) - Derby UK
Image via Wikipedia – philanthropist from Makeney and Belper in Derbyshire

Derby and Derbyshire were centres of Britain’s Industrial Revolution. In 1717, Derby was the site of the first water powered silk mill in Britain, built by John Lombe and George Sorocold, after Lombe had reputedly stolen the secrets of silk-throwing from Piedmont in what is now Italy (he is alleged to have been poisoned by Piedmontese as revenge in 1722).

In 1759, Jedediah Strutt patented and built a machine called the Derby Rib Attachment that revolutionised the manufacture of hose. This attachment was used on the Rev. Lee’s Framework Knitting Machine; it was placed in front of – and worked in unison with – Lee’s Frame, to produce ribbed hose (stockings). The partners were Jedediah Strutt, William Woollatt (who had been joined in 1758 by John Bloodworth and Thomas Stafford, all leading hosiers in Derby). The patent was obtained in January 1759. After three years, Bloodworth and Stafford were paid off, and Samuel Need – a hosier of Nottingham – joined the partnership. The firm was known as Need, Strutt and Woollatt. The patent expired in 1773, though the partnership continued until 1781 when Need died.

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‘Promotion, promotion, promotion’ is the web owners mantra just like ‘Location, location, location’ is for Estate Agents.

If you have ever had the misfortune to sell a property in a market that is on a down turn, ‘location’ is probably the most vital factor in achieving a sale. Likewise in a stagnating Internet market ‘promotion’ is the oxygen that will keep your website alive. Competition for traffic is fierce and choosing the right marketing strategy is the most important thing – choosing the wrong advertising campaign can be costly, even bankrupting. The Internet’s end user is now more savvy and random unstructured promotion will stop them clicking….get advice, talk to somebody who has been successful, that way you might stay in business.

Marketing strategies serve as the fundamental underpinning of marketing plans designed to fill market needs and reach marketing objectives. Plans and objectives are generally tested for measurable results. Commonly, marketing strategies are developed as multi-year plans, with a tactical plan detailing specific actions to be accomplished in the current year. Time horizons covered by the marketing plan vary by company, by industry, and by nation, however, time horizons are becoming shorter as the speed of change in the environment increases. Marketing strategies are dynamic and interactive. They are partially planned and partially unplanned.
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